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Community groups are planting seedlings and revegetating our lost native bushes and grasslands. Why not join a group and do your bit for the environment?

The Australian landscape has dramatically suffered from the arrival of European farming and our clear-fell domination of the native environment. This decline continues, even though we know it leads to salinity, soil acidification and erosion. It's time to heal what previous generations have harmed. Now it is our responsibility to start fixing the environment. Membership and involvement in a not-for-profit community revegetation group will fund and support the planting of hundreds of native seedlings each year.

There are many ways  you can assist in revegetating and protecting bushland in the Mackay region.

Most remaining vegetation on the coastal plains of the Mackay region has been cleared for the production of crops, grazing or development.  However, the small remnants and corridors of riparian vegetation remaining provide important habitat for birds and other native species.We all have a role in managing remaining vegetation into the future and there are many ways you can assist in revegetating and protecting bushland in the Mackay region.

How to do it now!

Mackay Regional Council can put you in touch with environmental or local catchment management groups that run grass-roots conservation programs ranging from native tree planting, weed control, water quality testing to community gardening.

Find a revegetation group in your community. Here's a start to get you going:

Visit Mackay Community Groups for a full list and to see how you can get involved.

Become Part of the Land for wildlife network.

Start you own friends of “….” Group to manage a neglected but important area of vegetation. Call Mackay Regional Council for advice

Approach an organisation such as CANEGROWERS or the Dept of Environment and Resource Management for advice on resources available to rehabilitate land, especially riparian corridors.

Become interested, involved and vocal about your local environment or contact Council with your ideas.

Why is this action important?

Natural Resource Management (NRM) is the critical battleground for Australia over the next 50 years. We face a declining natural environment as a result of almost 200 years of mismanagement of our landscape, however well-intentioned some of the actions have been. As a result, we have dying river systems, salinity, soil acidification, invasive species and soil loss. To add to these problems is the emerging issue of climate change, including increasingly higher temperatures and scarce, yet heavy rainfall due to global warming. As a result we are trying to overcome human inertia and politics to revive a dying continent in a changing climate. The time has come to join up and help out those frontline groups implementing appropriate NRM practices across the country.


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